Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to the April 2017 issue of the Parish Council Newsletter. In this you can find information about some of the Parish Council activities and events that have brought benefit to the community. Please take a look and we would appreciate your feedback.

Newsletter Apr 17

Neighbourhood Development Plan to be created

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

This is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide developments that could take place in our area and make sure they are sustainable and appropriate to our needs and aspirations.  We can have a great say in where development goes and how it looks!

You may be aware as a result of three recent notifications for development within the Parish an Action Group was formed by the Parish Council.  This group considered that a Neighbourhood Plan was essential to prevent future inappropriate developments.  Communities have been empowered to create their own Development Plan since the Localism Act of 2011.  This Act has a statutory basis and becomes a major part of local planning policy.  Therefore a Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, led by the Parish Council, was created to produce our own Neighbourhood Plan.

The boundary chosen for the neighbourhood plan is that of Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent Parish.  We feel this is an appropriate area as it follows the natural water course of the Baydale Beck to the East, the River Tees to the South and part of the West.  The remainder of the Western boundary and Northern boundary follow the perimeter of the farmer’s fields.

What does your Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group require of you?

Over the next month or so, you will be consulted via a Drop-in Event and/or Survey Questionnaire, when we will ask for your views on how you want the Parish to develop.  We are a small Parish and as well as land usage and housing, we should consider other effects of planning issues, including nature and historic environment, sustainable travel and community transport, as well as recreational facilities.

Please embrace this opportunity and become involved in this project, so that when complete, the Plan will be your Plan!

We are still looking for people who are passionate about our Parish, with diverse experience and expertise or, even just a willingness to get involved, particularly anyone living in Merrybent, to ensure we have representation from the whole of the Parish.  If you feel you would like to get involved or know anyone who would, kindly contact one of the following:


Chair of the Parish Council:                                       Margaret Ellerton on 01325 357183

Chair of the Neighbourhood Steering Group:     Krissy Marshallsay on 07717 696083

Clerk of the Neighbourhood Steering Group:      Sue Clark on 01325 359651