UPDATE: 37 Housing Development, Gate Lane, Low Coniscliffe

Sep 2, 2019 | Neighbourhood Plan, Uncategorized

Following recent contact with Robertson Homes, a response was received from Richard Bass, Regional Director, in which he stated he was keen to re-engage communications, as Robertson’s head towards commencement of building works on site; indicating early September.
With this in mind, Richard suggested a meeting prior to works starting, to explain how they planned to carry out the works, proposed timescales, and to meet the team who will be responsible for the development on a daily basis.
Richard indicated he was keen to understand any concerns held and hoped these could be addressed before the works commenced and that Robertsons would like to continue dialogue as works continue in the future.

Due to the inevitable tight timescale, the Parish Council, on your behalf, met with Steve Burn, Ian Gourley and Gary Chester from Robertson’s, on Thursday, 22 August 2019. A copy of the Suggestions List, together with Robertson’s comments will be delivered to you within the next day or two.

It was agreed that when site works are due to start, Robertson’s would letter drop the surrounding residents, to ensure you are aware and give contact details should you have any issues.

Should you have any initial queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Parish Council.

Christine A Marshallsay
Chair – LC&M Parish Council
01 September 2019