Notice of Email Meeting June 2021

Jun 23, 2021 | Meetings, Parish Council

Due to time restraints, a physical Parish Council Meeting was replaced by an ‘Email Meeting’ in order to progress the Annual Return for 2020/2021

 Relevant paperwork relating to the AGAR was distributed by Email.

 Parish Councillors were asked to confirm their satisfaction that the Clerk (RFO) and Chair can sign off on the various pages.

Following the receipt of comments, the Preliminary Notice was amended to produce this Note, the equivalent of Minutes of a physical meeting.

 Active Participants:

  •  Krissy Marshallsay (Chair)
  • Christine McLay (Vice Chair)
  • Liz Steel
  • Mark Armstrong
  • David French
  • Margaret Ellerton
  • Sue Clark
  • Heather Yarrow (Parish Clerk)

 Apologies: Not Pertinent

 Item 01  AGAR

 1:1  Certificate of Exemption for 2020/2021

 1:2  Annual Governance Statement for 2020/2021

 1:3  Accounting Statement for 2020/2021

RESOLVED: AGAR documents to proceed to sign-off by Chair and Parish Clerk (RFO)

Christine A Marshallsay

Chair – LC&M Parish Council

 23 June 2021